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Letter To Editor: For Healthy Gums Stop Vaping - Genesee Sun

Sep 30 2022
... that dentists should take a lead in fighting the spike in vaping, and should educate the public about its dangers to a user's gums and teeth.

Board of education discusses punishments for growing vaping problem - WV News

Sep 30 2022
But, he said, two other students were caught vaping with THC on a bus. ... the dangers of vaping use and give them help on beating the habit.

Vaping peaks with chronic users - Loquitur

Sep 30 2022
Goral said, “Vaping or any drug is addicting; nicotine is a very addicting drug that could have a very horrible ... Biggest risks with vaping.

Switch from smoking to vaping cuts health risks substantially, report finds - The Guardian

Sep 30 2022
Most studies reported short- or medium-term effects from smoking or vaping, such as raised levels of nicotine and specific cancer-causing compounds, ...

FDA Admits Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking But Refuses To Correct the Record

Sep 30 2022
Harm reduction advocates such as Bates believe these misperceptions about the risks of vaping are holding back many smokers from switching to a ...

Curb vape sales to children due to potential risks, experts say - NewsChain

Sep 30 2022
However, it called for more research on the risks of vaping for those people who have never smoked or vaped before. And current research is not ...

EDITORIAL: FDA officials admits it: Vaping better than smoking - Las Vegas Review-Journal

Sep 30 2022
By equating the dangers of vaping with smoking a pack of Marlboros, nicotine warriors risk “holding back many smokers from switching to a safer ...

Vaping 'substantially less harmful than smoking', study suggests - Yahoo News

Sep 29 2022
Researchers carried out the most comprehensive review of the risks of vaping to date and recommended that the UK government prioritise helping ...

Crackdown needed to stop children buying vapes, experts warn - MKFM 106.3FM

Sep 29 2022
Experts have called for a crackdown on selling vapes to children to avoid exposing them to unnecessary risks.

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Why Tar Wars?

School nurses know e-cigarette use is surging among middle and high school students

Adolescents may start using e-cigarettes because they believe they are harmless. Nicotine, a key ingredient in tobacco products, is an addictive drug. Tobacco use by and around children and adolescents is a particular concern due to increased risk for addiction and passive exposure. Smoking is a known cause of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Young people who use e-cigarettes, such as the popular JUUL brand, are more likely to transition to combustible cigarettes.

From the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Public health consequences of e-cigarettes. Consensus study report